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Online press release submission is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur must-do whether he is a new player in the market or an existing one. Press releases give a push-up to the online marketing campaign for a budding business and are also of key importance for those who have already established a huge business a rapport in the online market. A press release is for sharing some news about your company that the world might be interested in knowing. Online press releases are a very good option if you are a new entrepreneur and are looking for generating awareness in the market. Press releases not only boost the ranks of your website, but they also create a name for you in the market and as well as help you to build your reputation. .

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Press Release Services:

  • Crucial Headline: Be creative and keep it to one sentence. Don't use exclamation mark (!) as it is a symbol for advertising.

  • Short and Simple: Don't put too much Jargon in the PR as these are read by all types of people in internet and they may not be aware of technical terms. So, keep the PR        as simple as possible.

  • Third Person: Always write the PR in third person. Just like a news release, a press release purports to report on an event, circumstance or occurrence by a third party.

  • First Paragraph: The first paragraph should briefly illustrate what the main point of the release is, including why the information provided is relevant and newsworthy.

  • Location & Date Line:Beneath the summary, begin the opening paragraph of the release with the city and state where the business is located.

  • Body: The body of your news release should start on the same line as the location/date and be separated from it by a dash (–) with one blank space on either side. The        body typically consists of two or three paragraphs that are single-spaced and separated with one blank line in between. Each paragraph should be focused on a single idea        and have only a few sentences.

  • Company Information: This section should be a standard paragraph that contains a short, factual overview of the business or organization.

  • Contact Details: Include information about how readers can contact the appropriate person for additional information. This section should include the name of the        appropriate person along with his or her telephone number; email address; Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn information; and the URL for the organization's website.

  • Advantages of Press Releases:

    1. It helps in generating direct traffic to your website
    2. It improves your website ranking on major Search Engines
    3. Help to increase credibility of your website and increases your product/services Sales
    4. Helps to get your pages crawled and indexed by Search Engines.

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