Startup Website Designing:

In this era of ever-increasing competition, companies are vying for ways and means by which to increase the visibility of their enterprise. One of the ways to do so is by creating a website. This method of increasing customer base is the one most utilised by start-up companies. There are thousands of such enterprises that look up to creating a website as a viable alternative to placing high priced ads or other such ways of physical marketing.

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There are a certain few things that we keep in mind while designing a website for a start-up.



The website for a start-up must be a clear reflection of the ethos of the company. It is extremely important to get a gist of the kind of work that the start-up is involved in and this should reflect in the website. A food and beverage start-up site will need to look very different from that of an online shopping portal, and it is our cup of tea to know how to pour the right things in the right cup to get that perfect taste of perfection.



Since the virtual world is economically feasible when it comes to marketing, it becomes important to attract the customers too. The vast numbers of websites also makes the competition very steep. Thus it is important to create a site which is attractive and has that element of zing so that the audience stays on and reads and it attracted to purchase the goods or services provided.



It becomes extremely important for any online venture to have a robust feedback mechanism. The contact details should be represented properly. Also other channels like payment and receipt of purchase should be easy and hassle free so that the viewers are not confused. Also, if they have any feedback to give about services, they can easily do so. This helps lend credibility to an otherwise amorphous identity.


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Websites Focussed On UX

Websites are no longer about having a basic glossy website but rather making sure your users get an amazing experience, keeping them coming back.

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As we’re specialists working with extraordinary startups and small businesses alike, we can help you with branding which sticks with your new customers.

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We’re specialists in Magento which is one of the leading platforms for e-commerce website in the world, allowing you to build your commerce empire online.