ERP Software Development:

Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems are software systems that are used for operations planning, administration and for optimizing internal business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. A typical ERP software will integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

We provide you these ERP Application Benefits:

  • Reduced IT software support requirement

  • Reduced hardware and servers

  • Intuitive, configurable system interfaces

  • Reduction in software training

  • Customizable open source code

  • Cost of future innovation is dramatically decreased

  • Ability to respond to new opportunities increases

  • We Focus on the following features to give you the reliable ERP Software:


    Develop whole application as per your requirement

    Your employees will not find confusing fields or functionality which you don't need in your software. Each configurable program will be setup to fit perfectly in your situation.


    Customizable open source

    Whether we make the modifications or show you how to do it yourself, it's no longer a hassle to change the way your manufacturing software works. We open our source to your team. They can add fields, change report layouts and more, whenever you like.



    Our software can grow and change as your business needs change. Since we offer a browser based thin client interface, it can easily be extended to multiple locations. A thin client structure also means that updates and changes to a multi-location enterprise are quick and easy.


    Model Driven Architecture

    Our software was developed using Model Driven Architecture MDA. It allows us to offer a customizable product that can be easily upgraded as technology changes. Your team will not need to rebuild your system every 7-10 years.

    Some of the key ERP solution modules:

    Employee Management::

    Stock and Inventory Management::

    Supply Chain Management::

    Production Planning::

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)::

    Data Analysis and Workflow Management::

    Business Intelligence and Reporting::

    Document and Workflow Management::