Display Advertising:

Display Advertising is your brand’s chance to communicate its message with targeted audiences across the full spectrum of the digital landscape. With Display Advertising’s advanced tracking and targeting capabilities, you can reach new markets as well as inspire customer retention. From brand awareness and recognition, promoting brand trust and engagement, to optimizing for qualified leads, The Search Agency crafts high impact digital strategies to align with your ROAS goals and grow your business.

Benefits of Display Advertising:-

  • Huge Exposure to the target audience

  • Huge Inventory of websites where ads are displayed - covering 98% of web

  • Various ad creatives formats to engage the audience - banners, videos, animated

  • Cost-effective advertising

  • Highly Targeted - Demographic segmenting and targeting based on their demographics, website content, third-party lists and more.

Strategic Steps for Your Display Advertising

Location-Based Marketing

With PPC advertising you have the powerful ability to target your customers right where they are. Use geo-targeting in paid-search advertising to reach people at the locations where (and when) they are looking for you. As well, local- and mobile-targeted PPC campaigns can boost foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar locations.

Regular Reporting on Performance

Complete transparency - that is our motto. Each month you will get a detailed report including a customized analysis of how the online advertising campaign performed. We will also make additional recommendations for further campaign enhancements.

Landing-Page Creation and Testing

Did you know that you have literally seconds to convince a visitor that they have landed at the right place? Our team of trained experts will look at your current landing page and make conversion-optimization recommendations. We’ll look at: conversion rates, page layout, user-experience issues, calls-to-action and more.

Search-Behaviour Analysis

By analyzing users’ online search behaviour, we can determine what terms people are using on search engines to find your products and services. Search-behaviour analysis is ongoing and helps us to refine and optimize your display campaign.

Ad Creative and Testing

What your marketing message says will ultimately impact click-through and conversion rates. Our search-marketing specialists will work with you to develop and test multiple versions of ad copy to find ads that deliver the best responses. We test using industry standards, your brand guidelines and audience insights – may the best ad win.

Contextual & Site-targeting Strategies

We match your display ads to the most relevant content getting your brand in front of your audience with a high-impact contextual advertising campaign. We also employ strategic tactics such as site targeting to ensure your ads will display on the websites your audience visits most often.